Thursday, December 16, 2010


Mira had a blast with Hanukkah this year! She loved "lighting" the candles each night and digging into the pockets of the Hanukkah banner to find a gift and some gelt.

It was a great lesson in patience, because, of course, she wanted to open them all every night and eat gelt all day!

Saturday, Jim & Sheila were here, so I made some traditional honey balls for breakfast and a whole Hanukkah feast for dinner. Check it all out at The Vegan Wolfe!

Here are a few pics from our 8 Crazy Nights!

First night of Hanukkah - "lighting" the first candle! (velcro + felt = safe Hanukkah fun!)

First gift of the season......

New, adorable, pink & orange, giraffe house slippers! She loved them....for about 15 seconds. Then she walked onto the hardwood floors and realized they have "grippies" - that's a negative, Ghost Rider. She hasn't worn them since.  =(

Last night of Hanukkah!

She did a great job putting all the flames on the candles! I hung it low so she could reach it easily, and she did it all by herself this year!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

2 Year Update

So, we went to see Dr. Crittell this morning. We had a very brief visit as Mira is doing very well in all areas! Unfortunately, the visit did include a prick/milking of the thumb (LOTS of tears), a Band-aid on said thumb (more tears and SCREAMS), FluMist up both nostrils (tears and thrashing), and to top it all off - a Hepatitis A shot in the leg (screaming, thrashing, and LOTS of tears). So, basically, it was lots of fun. I did have a sucker in the ready, so I put that in her hand right before the shot. I think it helped slow the tears a little more than they would have without it.

We don't have another official check-up until she's 3! Wow! Yearly check-ups - she's growing up!

Afterwards, we ran to Lowe's where we needed to pick up just one little item. Mira saw the big Race Car carts and decided she wanted to ride in one. I have, up to this day, managed to avoid those things. But, the waterworks came on, and I couldn't say no after such a rough morning. So, there I was, pushing this bus around Lowe's with my one item in the cart (I had to push it around for quite a while just to give her more time to "drive"). I really felt like I needed a special license to drive that thing! I almost knocked over a big display of electric saws!

Well, here are the stats for our big 2 year old!
  • Today, she weighed 26.5 pounds; measured 33 1/4 inches tall; and had a head circumference of 19 inches - all putting her in the 50th percentile, as usual.
  • She has 18 teeth completely grown in and the last two molars are just breaking through. After those, we are done with teething until around age 6 - WOO HOO!
  • She has taken a baby step backwards in the potty training world, and we went back to Pull-Ups for the past couple of weeks now. She seems to be back on board for the most part, but we're going to stay in the Pull-Ups so as to avoid any unneccessary fits (for Mommy and Daddy, that is). She is still doing really great and has even gone totally on her own a few times now - announcing to me as she is sitting on the potty in the living room, "Mommy, I'm going pee pee on this potty right here!"
  • When she does wear diapers, she is in a size 5 (night time/nap) and wears a 2T in Pull-Ups.
  • She wears mostly 18-24 month clothing. Some 2T things, but they are usually a little big/long. Most of her shoes are a size 5, but I think she's already close to moving up to at least a 5 1/2 (but, half-sizes are sort of rare, it seems, for toddlers).
  • She can now count to 11 all by herself.
  • She can wipe her nose and has also learned how to blow her nose.
  • She likes to do everything all by herself - in true 2 year old fashion! About a hundred times a day, I hear, "I do it a self, Mommy!" She demands that she get into her carseat all by herself. I got an earful one day when I forgot and put her in! And, you know she's not one to "let it go" and move on after such an infliction!
  • She loves to swing - she would quite literally go for hours if you were willing to push that long! She also loves to do monkey bars - she'll make just about any lateral surface into a monkey bar.
  • She is totally into slapstick comedy - pretending to fall down or get hit in the head will illicit peels of laughter from this girl, and it never gets old!
  • She is still a big fan of the Wonder Pets as well as The Backyardigans ("Gardens") on NickJr , and Special Agent Oso from the Disney channel. WP's are, by far, the favorite still.
  • Some of her new, favorite snacks include: cocoa covered almonds, buffalo wing flavored Pringles, Salt & Pepper PopChips, and the child goes wild about suckers and Skittles!!
  • She has started taking a gummi vitamin (hard to find, but they do make vegetarian gummy vitamins!)
  • She can hop, gallop (although, she calls it "skipping"), march, walk sideways and backwards!
  • She loves to run. She runs and runs and runs and runs and.........well, you get the idea! She definitely got her Daddy's running genes!
  • She has also adopted his love of soccer. She is always up for playing soccer, although she prefers to pick it up and throw it usually. She is quite capable of kicking it and even dribble a little bit - if she's in just the right mood!
  • She is very much into imaginative play these days - she's all about taking care of her baby dolls (from feeding to brushing their teeth), and she loves cooking in her kitchen (usually something for baby to eat). Also, when she plays with her small, plastic animals, she creates dialogue between them such as, "Hi, Mommy Giraffe. I missed you, Mommy Giraffe. I gonna get you, Baby Giraffe!" and meanwhile, she makes them search for each other, hug and kiss each other, and play chase.
  • She also loves to color and write.  There is definitely a difference in the two. She always says she's "writing" when she is using a pen or pencil and says she is "coloring" when using crayons or markers. The way she uses the instruments is very different, too - she is actually using more of a writing movement when "writing" and the same for "coloring." She comes very close to actually coloring inside the lines in her coloring books. I have never said anything about this, but she often stops and watches me color when we are coloring together.
  • She has turned into quite the music lover and sings often. She sings bits of various songs and can sing all of "Alligator, alligator" which she learned at swim school. If you do the hand motions and give a couple of verbal prompts, she can also sing all of "Itsy, Bitsy Spider." She got a couple of new Raffi CD's for her birthday this past weekend and now requests about 5 of the songs by title and knows the order of most of the songs.
  • She is currently in Level 5 of Gymboree where they are using more imaginative play.
  • She has started year-round swim lessons at The Swim School. She is doing so well and improving so quickly! She does the torpedo and stays under water about 3 seconds, going a distance of about 4 or 5 feet. She is just starting to relax a little while floating on her back, but we still have some work to do. She loves kicking and just "swimming" all over the place!
  • She has an amazing vocabulary and handle on syntax! She is forming complex sentences everytime she speaks!
  • According to our milestones charts (25 to 30 months & 31 to 36 months), she can do almost everything most 3 year olds can do (she still can't open a door - she's just now tall enough to reach the knob), and almost 70% of what only a few 3 year olds can do! I know you're not supposed to compare and worry about all that, but every parent swells with pride when their child seems ahead of the curve in some area or another! I guess it stems from relief that your child is "okay" and turns into pride when they are "more than okay".

Well, it seems pretty short this time. Maybe, she's doing so much that I can't remember it all!? I may add some things, if I think of any more.

Mira, you crack me and your Daddy up all the time!  You are such a funny little girl! You are so smart and kind, too! You give us hugs and kisses and tell us "I love you," all the time! It is so sweet to hear those words and feel your little arms squeeze our necks! We are simply amazed at how wonderful you are. We know we are two very lucky people - first we found each other, then we got you!!!

Thanks for two of the most amazing years of our lives! We are so looking forward to a lifetime with wonderful YOU!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mira's Birthday Weekend

We had a great weekend with family and friends celebrating Mira's 2nd birthday! The Wonder Pets themed party was at the Swim School where Mira takes swim lessons - very cool!! We all had so much fun!

It couldn't get much better for Mira - all her favorite people, cake and ice cream, juice, swimming, AND the Wonder Pets!! Wowzers!!!! (as Ming Ming would say....)

I felt like a bit of a slacker this year as far as party decorations. We only got 15 minutes to set-up for the party. This is because the staff is there to do everything for you, but I didn't want to bring a crate of decorations for them to hang.

My favorite part of the party "stuff" was the treat bag contents. There were bubbles, suckers, and stickers along with crayons and cookies! What more does a 2 year old want in life?!

Made the little Wonder Pets logo tags - same as on the cupcakes

Big sea animal shaped crayons for little hands with coloring/activity sheets!

The Wonder Pets always have celery when the job is done!! These were also "packaged" like the crayons - so fun!

We had homemade strawberry ice cream and chocolate sorbet - YUM!! I also made chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing (all vegan, of course!). I was going to be lazy and use store-bought icing, but CoCo was shocked and appalled. She also applied the icing, because I felt I just couldn't get it "right" - I was getting quite exasperated with myself! So, many thanks to CoCo for the nicely iced cupcakes!! Top with sprinkles and a Wonder Pets logo -Voila!

Oh, and I finally made one of those cute banners I always see at all the kids' parties!

But, now I'm getting ahead of myself, so, let's get to the party....

LaLa - trying not to lose a contact!

Mira is riding the baby orca that we are supposed to be saving.

Shannon and Cate having fun in the pool!

The girls riding together (What's it gonna take - TEAMWORK!). I think this is right before Catherine toppled off and into the water! I'm glad she's so comfortable in the water and didn't get upset with us! Such a sweet girl!

Who needs saving here - the baby whale or Sheesa?? Uncle Kellen seems at the ready.

Alligator, alligator, stand up tall! Alligator, alligator, jump off the WALL!

Catherine can't wait to jump when doing Humpty Dumpty!

Mira is in no hurry!

So, Mommy splashes her instead!

Mason was a little reluctant, but finally decided to make the plunge - as long as he could take his watering can with him.

Kick, kick, kick!

Yes, this is the best one - A LOT of outtakes here, folks!

Awww...they look like they are playing so sweetly together. (But, we know the truth!)

We're riding on Mr. Duck! Quack, Quack!

Kenny on the rope swing!

Avi on the rope swing!

Sheesa on the rope swing!!!!

Reasie on the rope swing??!! Hey - is that guy laughing at me? I didn't notice him laughing at anyone else!! Oh, well - it was fun anyways!

Alright, everyone out of the pool!!! Time for cake and ice cream!

Technically, this was before the swimming, but whatev...

Pretty LaLa

Waiting to blow out TWO candles!

We "turned on the dark" and sang Happy Birthday! Mira was absolutely mesmerized by the flames!

Uncle Kellen, Sheesa, and PapaNui enjoying the vegan delights!

Catherine was a big fan of the eats!

Mason was mostly pumped about the juice, but it looks like he's about to attack that cupcake, too!

Avi pinned Mira's "Birthday Girl" ribbon on.


Shannon's attention is carefully divided between the cupcake in her hand and her lil' cupcake, Cate, at the head table!

The Montgomery's - they had to leave a little early to get to yet another party! What fun!

Whose party is it?? MIRA's!!!!

We packed it up and headed home. Mira fell asleep in the car almost instantly (no nap before the party).

But, she woke up as soon as we pulled the car into the garage. So, after playing with bubbles in the backyard with CoCo and Avi, we decided to give her Mommy and Daddy's gift - a new easel with all the trimmings!

Look at the focus and intensity on this girl!

Avi & Mira gave it a good once over to break it in!

The next morning, she got to play make-up with Avi and CoCo.

"Mira do it!"

Your next "Toddlers in Tiaras" contestant here! (Ummm - j/k - Yikes!)

 Then she decided she wanted to watch some Wonder Pets.
I love this picture! Avi and Mira have been piling up to watch t.v. since Mira was 5 months old! The difference is that now Mira is awake and choosing the show, and Avi can barely see over her head!

After watching Wonder Pets, how about some reading?! Sheesa reads one of Mira's favorites to her and Avi.

Uncle Kenny arrived with a big surprise...
What is it??!!!!

A kitchen!!!!!!!!!

This used to be Avi's kitchen - she was so sweet to hand it down to Mira!

Before it was Avi's, it was LaLa's!! This kitchen is about 14 years old and still going strong! Mira is going to have hours and hours of fun with it over the years!

We ended our weekend with the fam by going to the Boardwalk for lunch.
All dressed-up and ready to go!

Throw in your coin and make a wish! I hope they come true!