Thursday, June 16, 2011

Destin 2011 - Part 3 of 3

I sent the girls a Road Trip Survival kit which included a road trip scavenger hunt, cootie catchers, battle ship, and instructions for string figures along with some loops of yarn. Once they arrived, we all got in on the fun of figuring them out! We were so proud when it turned out right!!

Avi made the Diamonds

LaLa - Diamonds

Reasie - Apache Door (really hard to figure out those instructions!!)

LaLa got the Apache Door!

Again - we were really proud!!

Headed back from the pool.

Avi demonstrates for her Daddy.

Avi getting a little more tutelage.

Mira spent a lot of time playing with her princesses and reading books over the week. So did Sheesa.

Kenny was super-proud, too!!

CoCo brought the Ninja and made snow cones!

Coco, LaLa, Avi, and Mira had some silly time out on the "back lawn"...

Sisterly love....???

Is this a seance?

Getting ready to head up to the Baytown Wharf

Our traditional picture on the bridge. Check out the last two years. I just noticed that I'm wearing the same shirt as I was last year, and Kenny's wearing the same shirt as in 2009! Ha!

Waiting for the magic show that never happened...

No magic show? Well, we'll put on a show of our own!

You're a tiger!!!

Fountain of Youth

Mira loves to dance with her PapaNui!

Mmmmm.....ring pop!!!

She's got that crazy look in her eye!

This is Mira's latest thing - making "funny faces" - not sure where she learned this one.

Ring Pop tongue!!

Pointing at nothing

No, Daddy, it's like this.

On our trip home, we stopped and found two letterboxes in Mobile. they are within about 100 ft of each other, and so easy to find! These are the kind of LB's that Kenny doesn't mind!

We found "The Little Colt" in Malaga Plaza.

Mira helps pack everything back up.

And a donkey....

Here's the real "Little Colt" in the Spanish Plaza - a gift to Mobile from the city of Cordoba, Spain in 1967.

Mira was more interested/concernd about the squirrel she saw.

A "first" for Mira: "Take my picture, Daddy"

We left Mobile and arrived home last night. Mira did so great on the road and really had a blast at the beach. We are all thinking that next year we will go to Disney instead of Destin - how exciting!!