Thursday, December 16, 2010


Mira had a blast with Hanukkah this year! She loved "lighting" the candles each night and digging into the pockets of the Hanukkah banner to find a gift and some gelt.

It was a great lesson in patience, because, of course, she wanted to open them all every night and eat gelt all day!

Saturday, Jim & Sheila were here, so I made some traditional honey balls for breakfast and a whole Hanukkah feast for dinner. Check it all out at The Vegan Wolfe!

Here are a few pics from our 8 Crazy Nights!

First night of Hanukkah - "lighting" the first candle! (velcro + felt = safe Hanukkah fun!)

First gift of the season......

New, adorable, pink & orange, giraffe house slippers! She loved them....for about 15 seconds. Then she walked onto the hardwood floors and realized they have "grippies" - that's a negative, Ghost Rider. She hasn't worn them since.  =(

Last night of Hanukkah!

She did a great job putting all the flames on the candles! I hung it low so she could reach it easily, and she did it all by herself this year!