Friday, September 23, 2011

Nebraska 2011

This year, we decided for just Mira and I to take a trip to Nebraska to visit Erika, Ben, and Ethan (Michael was out of town for the most part).

We had a lot of fun doing what we normally do - hang out and catch up! Mira and Ben had a lot of fun playing together and also spent a lot (A LOT) of time fighting like cats and dogs!!

Mira was stoked to be riding in Ben's wagon. 

I was almost nauseous watching Ben swing so high!!! I'm such a worry wort when it comes to swings! I hate them! He was having so much fun! And Erika was having a blast, too - watching me in my near-panic!

We had to re-create this picture from...

last year!!! How adorable is that?!
Ben's room stayed in a state of national crisis the whole time we were there. We did help clean up before we left!

We had to buy new luggage because our tore on the way there. Mira got her first roller bag. Ben was in love with it and insisted on helping her pull it through Target. Mira was such a big girl and pulled this bag all through the airport.


Sadly, this is the only photo I got of Ethan the whole trip!! :(

We covered a lot of terrain on this morning! We spent three hours trekking across Lincoln - to the Sunken Garden (found a Letterbox), to the playground, and back!

Such a beautiful place!

Mira's first ride on a tire swing - I mean really swinging. She has been on one at SheesaNui's house, but that was in someone's lap and sort of lazily swinging. Do you see what Erika is doing with my child on that thing!?

She loved it! I'm glad I can hide my true emotions well enough to not project my fears onto my child!!

Swinging high on the big kid swing (me: so tense my shoulders were probably up to my ears!)

Ah! Now we can both enjoy this swing!! =) 

And then she climbed this gigantic slide!!!

She was quite the dare-devil on this trip! I was a proud momma!

We went bowling!!

So excited the ball made it all the way to the end! (Who cares if it knocks over pins or not!) 

I'm rushing through this, so I'll probably think of details to add later, but I just needed to get this "on the books"!

The Joys of Having a Daughter

This was a little while back....

I found Mira like this:

She had gotten into her make-up case (thanks again, CoCo!) after dressing up in her angel costume. And, when I complimented her beautiful make-up job, she offered to do mine as well. It was an offer I couldn't resist!


I was a little afraid of that tiny little brush at first.


She earned my trust, and I let her do eye shadow. She was very good - no gouging!

Not ready without a little (or a lot) body glitter!

After giving me lipstick, she realized she had forgotten to put hers on.

Finished product!

Some Major Catch-Up!!'s been a long time since I've blogged, and so much has happened that is blog-worthy! Unfortunately, now I'll have to do one of those miscellaneous, super-brief updates so that I don't keep getting buried! Please, over-look any typos or spelling/grammatical errors - I just have the time to re-check this one!

Let's start back in August...

Avi and LaLa each came and stayed a week with us (seperately this year).

It was too hot to enjoy the parks in the afternoon, so we had a breakfast picnic! So fun! Pancakes, fruit, and chocolate milk!

Then we did some swinging.

After swinging, we looked for a letterbox, but had no luck! Oh well - we got some good exercise and it was a beautiful walk!

Making some "watermelon" popsicles.

Really, they were strawberry sorbet with chocolate chips plus lemon sorbet for the "rind" - they were a hit at our carpet picnic.

One more popsicle...

Headed to the pool.

Craft time! Mira painted about a billion sticks - she was a little popsicle painting factory!

After Avi's week, we had Kenny's 30th birthday celebration. We hosted a small get-together here at the pool. It was so nice to be close to everyone, and everyone was able to attend!



Somehow (I'm just realizing), I got no pictures while LaLa was here! We had fun making, finding, and planting a lot of letterboxes. She's really good at carving these days! We also spent just about every night staying up and talking. One night, we all went to see The Help while Mira stayed the night with Sheesa and Nui. LaLa was a lot of help with Mira, too  - considering I had just had knee surgery! We went shopping, and she was my personal shopper - she helped me pick out some cute outfits that I would have otherwise not considered!

The following weekend, we all went to Fairfield for Avi's 10th birthday party. It was a super-cool, MasterChef themed party. Avi loves just about all cooking shows from Martha Stewart to Cake Boss, and this is one of her favorites! She invited about 8 friends to compete in the challenge! Nicole and Kenny went above and beyond, and we all fussed over the tiniest details to make it an extra-special evening for Avi!

Each contestant received their own personalized, MasterChef apron!

Silly girls!

The girls at their work stations, waiting for the first challenge...
Mira was a good helper!

Blind taste test was the first challenge - I don't think Avi liked whatever that was!

Don't spit it out!!

The "Pantry"

Avi is working hard on her masterpiece using the secret ingredient - potato chips.

Avi and her finished dish - she is on her way to the judges' table.

Each contestant had to present their dish - naming and describing it. Then the judges shared a critic.

The formal brunch - complete with waiter (I was the other server) - they were demanding customers!

Fancy setting complete with menu.

Opening gifts... 

In September, Mira and I went to Nebraska. I will take the time to do a seperate post for that one...

When we got back, we had a fun day at the Dallas Museum of Art. They have free admission on the first Tuesday of each month with a whole day of kids' activities planned!

Mira and I rode the train to downtown. Mira thought it was cool that we were riding the same train that Daddy rides to work each day.
Baby came along...

First up, we created a sculpture (there was a dog theme this day).

We decided to make two sculptures...
And another...

There was a storytime, then it was on to the puppy salon...

I was surprised when she didn't balk about having her face painted!
I think she looked more like a mouse, but whatev...

Her favorite part - going through the beaded curtains. She did it over and over!!
We were so glad Kenny got to work over from his office and join us for a while. His building is only a couple of blocks from the museum - how convenient!!   

We packed a lovely picnic for lunch. That was great (the weather was BEAUTIFUL), and then it was back inside for more fun!

My little mouse - I mean puppy - showing off my - I mean her - work of art.  ;)

Last weekend, we went to the Plano Hot Air Balloon festival. It was pretty neat to see. It was mine and Mira's first time to see hot air balloons up close and personal! The "glow" was our favorite part! Unfortunately, we didn't get very many good pics - these will have to do as far as preserving the memories.

Mira spent most of the time on our shoulders - she's getting heavy!!
Notice the red tongue? She enjoyed a cherry snow cone right before this.

She really became enthralled once it got darker and more and more balloons began to inflate and glow. She loved when the fire blazed!

Well, that about sums up the past couple of months...phew!!!

Good to get that done now, because tons of exciting things are on the horizon!! this weekend we will do a mud run and celebrate my birthday. Then next weekend I am going on a women's retreat with a group from Horizon. Next month, Kenny is running in the Capitol to Coast relay and then all the Halloween celebrations. Not to mention, we will be moving into a rent house in the middle of all that!