Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mira is Awesome!!

I'm amazed everyday by the new things our little, big girl is learning to do!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


It was time....



After - fluffed!

Wore the cape like a big girl!

She really was happier than she looks in this photo!


We just had a wonderful weekend! It was pretty simple, and we didn't even leave Bossier City!

We spent some time just milling around the mall for a little while. Then Mira talked us into going into the arcade for a bit.

Riding the little pink bus.

We actually put money in it this time - we were feeling CRAZY that Saturday!

A little skateboarding.

From there, we headed to lunch at one of our favorite little spots - Don Juanz. Mira chows on the chips and salsa and loves their black beans, too!

She gets distracted by the t.v.'s just like her Daddy.

Mmmmm....chips and salsa!

After Mira's nap, we took Mira bowling (Kenny's great idea). She has been to a bowling alley a couple of times before, but this was the first time we've taken her since she's big enough to actually participate. We went to Holiday Lanes; they have the ramps for little ones to push the balls down as well as the automatice gutter guards.

I thought the noise level and number of people might overwhelm her and upset her a little, but she didn't even seem to notice. I'm glad that phase seems to be coming to an end! We all had so much fun!

The family next to us were totally enamored with Mira (and why wouldn't they be?), and we all thoroughly enjoyed watching her jump and cheer as her ball (slowly) rolled down the lane. She got SO excited! It was a good test of her patience and turn-taking skills - she wanted it to be her turn every time. But, she was very good and waited her turn - no tantrums, just excitement!

Tot-sized ramp (in the shape of a dinosaur).

She watches it all the way.

Great form Kenny!

That, apparently, means "I just got a strike!" (Who knew?)

More excited toddler.

Discussing ball choice with Daddy.

Mira says, "No more pictures!" 

Kenny won (as usual) - he bowled three strikes! And I broke a nail (as usual) - maybe next time I'll remember to trim them before I go...

He didn't beat me that bad!  ;)

Sunday was a pretty lazy day - ran a couple of errands, but mostly hung out at the house. We did have a  pretty ruckus dance party. Those are frequent here at the Wolfe residence. Mira likes to "shake her bum-bum."

Overall - a great weekend for our little family!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Video

She just entertains me all day long...

Saturday, January 15, 2011


So, Mira had her first gymnastics class this past Friday at Jill's Gymnastics! She was so good  - seriously, a natural! I had a lot of fun, too! I didn't get too many pictures because the class is very busy and fast-paced - no time for standing around and snapping photos!

She did a little bit of everything! They did a move that would be the beginings of a cartwheel, then a handstand (which will probably go into back-handspring later down the road), handstand against the wall (she held herself up all by herself!), jumping on a trampoline, climbing, monkey bars, the rings (she held onto the rings and swung back and forth with no support!), vault springboard (I don't know what's it's really called), the balance beam and more. Plus, they did lots of silly, fun stretches/warm-up activities at the begining! The teacher, Miss Brittney was super-cute and very engaging.

I think she really loved it. This morning, I was trying to get her dressed "so we could go do fun things" (i.e. run errands, ha!)

"We going to gymnastics?!" she eagerly replied. 


Earned two stamps for a job well done! They get them on their feet - FUN!

Cute little stamped tootsie!

So, today, we went and bought Mira a new gymnastics outfit. Now, she'll look like a pro out there!

She liked it a lot. (understatement of the year?)

So adorable!

Another Ta-Daaa!

Showing us some of her fancy moves!

Then she made Daddy get in on the action!

We took her suit off of her so she could go potty right before taking a nap. I didn't even mention the fact that I wasn't planning on putting it back on her; I wanted to wash the suit before she wore it any longer and let her sleep in something else.  I thought we would just sort of not talk about it and just not put it back on after she pottied. Ha!

She had a total meltdown! She snatched it away from me (again, I hadn't even SAID anything!) and walked away from me (butt-naked), clinging to the suit and sobbing, "I want my gymnastics (pronounced "mexican")suit on!" - all the way back to her bedroom. Kenny and I followed at a safe distance - so she couldn't hear us laughing our heads off! It was so cute and overly-dramatic and pathetic!

Suffice to say, she is sleeping peacefully in her new "mexican suit" right now....  

And, it looks like we'll be going back for more gymnastics next week! So glad she likes it!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Little Snowman

We had just a little snow yesterday mixed with some sleet and rain. We bundled up and took Mira out to play for a little while. We had to convince Mira to go outside, but she soon decided she loved the snow. It just took Daddy teaching her how to make/throw snowballs at Mommy!

Then, when we were all freezing, but Mira refused to go back inside, I had to bribe her with Wonder Pets to get her to come in! She actually stopped and deliberated on it for a second - that means a lot! Usually, it's WP without hesitation...she really liked flinging those snowballs!

We also made a tiny little snowman while we were at it. Surprisingly, he's still out there - along with a blanket of white!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Say Aaaaaahhhhh!

Big girl Mira had her first dentist appointment this morning! She did so great! I couldn't be prouder! They were surprised at how well she did; she let them clean, x-ray, and examine her teeth! She had fun playing in the two-story play house before the appointment and picking out some prizes afterwards (she chose two plastic dinosaurs).

Everything looked good, but the dentist did find a spot on one of her molars that will need extra attention because of a spot of weak enamel (just due to genetics). They also suggested we use real floss rather than the floss picks. I'm glad we went ahead and had the visit, so we could learn these things.

Mira never balked - the staff was AMAZING!! I highly recommend Pediatric Dental Partners to anyone with kids in the area!!

I forgot my camera, but I tried to document it the best I could with my phone.

Playing before the appointment.

They have a cool playhouse!

Getting her teeth cleaned!

She used all the different tools that they normally use - Mira was a pro!

After the cleaning - waiting for X-rays


On our way back from Fairfield last Tuesday, Mira and I finally stopped at the Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari! We've been saying we should stop everytime we pass it on our way to and from Fairfield (it's about 10 minutes south of Henderson, TX). It was pretty awesome, and we will definitely be visiting again!

We had a lot of fun feeding and watching the animals (although, next time, we will buy about 3 extra bags of food because we ran out way too early)! We laughed a lot along the way - as you can see in the videos!

Fallow Deer

Blackbuck (Antelope)

Mira got to sit up front, drive, feed the animals, and meet them face-to-face!

Some deer at the Catfish Pond

Watusi - I know it looks fake, but he's legit!

The ostrich wouldn't stay still long enough to get a clear picture.

Canadian Wood Bison - SO BIG!!

Bison Calf - still pretty BIG!

Lechwe (Antelope)

The emu wouldn't let us pass! It took us about 10 minutes to get from this point to that curve in the road ahead!

What an adorable fawn!! Look at those eyes - pleading for food we didn't have! So sad! This is why we will buy extra food next time!

Zebra running to greet us!

I llove llama.

This pair was crazy. See video below.

Ollie the Dromedary Arabian Camel

Mira got some stuffed llama at the gift shop (a momma llama and a baby llama).

The three of them took a nap after all that excitement!

Mira says "Hi" to a friendly Donkey

Some deer duking it out.

Turkey Trot

The Camel created a diversion while the crazy llama snuck up on us!

We also saw tons of ducks, a couple of geese (named Laverne and Shirley), other types of deer, and some Wildebeast in the distance. There are other animals, such as alligators, water buffalos, and kangaroo that we didn't see that day. All the more reason to go back!!