Sunday, September 12, 2010

The De Leon's Visit

Over the Labor Day weekend, Dawn, Jeff, Sydney, Jackson, & Riley all came and stayed with us! It was a wild and crazy few days with lots of giggles and ice cream, and, yes, NOISE!!!  =)

We did enjoy the visit, and it seemed like they did, too! The kids were begging to stay "!" by the time they were packing up to go.

We didn't do a whole lot other than visiting the local park and going to Gators & Friends. We had two different visits from the Ice Cream Truck over the weekend - wierd since we've never seen him on our street before!
Riley nails Sydney with the water canon!

Jack stomps the sprinkler

Riley and Jack seem to be plotting an attack.

Daddy is always so fun at the spray ground!

Mira finally got brave enough to play a little by herself in the water!

Riley parked it on top of a sprinkler and waited for it to come on.

Daddy and Mira having a good time in the sprinklers.

So happy!

Riley, Mira, and Jack after the Ice Cream Truck visited the park (genius!).

Jack chose the cotton candy flavored popsicle and was showing me his blue tongue.

Mira and Jack still working on their frozen treats.

Gators & Friends - Dawn was the only one that would feed the camel.

She was also the only one that fed the ostrich.

I'll take your picture, but I won't feed you. Sorry, you've got that crazy look in your eye!

Mira catching a ride on Daddy's shoulders.

Talk about a crazy look....

Mira's third or fourth time "holding" the baby alligator. Didn't want to hold it this time, but was very interested in touching it and looking at it.

Sydney held the baby gator all by herself!

Riley and Mira riding the pony - giddy up!!

Our second run-in with the Ice Cream Truck!

Everyone loves the giant beachball

Enjoying Round 2!

What a MESS!!! (What FUN!!)

Can't feel my tongue!! No matter....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Monday - Lincoln Zoo

Monday, we did a quick tour of the Lincoln Zoo. The highlight for Ben was riding the train. I think Mira's favorite part was feeding Leo the Paper-Eating Lion (which we thought she would be scared of).

Feeding some trash to Leo.

Feeding the camels.

Climbing the web.
Right outside the Butterfly House with Erika.

The butterflies were very friendly!

More butterflies!
Very, very friendly!!

Yay! The long-awaited train ride!!

Sunday - Lincoln Children's Museum

Lincoln has an AWESOME children's museum!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

Erika got a little too serious about this experiment - she sort of took it over. Poor Ben...he's trying to help!

Driving the boat together.

Moving in for a hug. She doesn't suspect a thing!

The take-down! (What a sweet boy!)

Ahhh, the perfect costume for our little princess.

Love this face!

And this look!

I think Ben is taking the whole kneel-to-royalty thing to a new (lower) level!

Our gallant knight - Prince Benjamin!

That is one exciting discovery!

Princess turned dragon....there must be a wicked witch lurking about.

The big red chair - they're stoked.

Our little prairie dogs!

What a dad!! Kenny crawled into the tiny prairie dog tunnels with Mira!

Mira's first face painting experience - I gave her a butterfly and Ben a baseball.

Cutie Pie!!

Mira humors Ben and lets him drive.

Ben enjoys the vibrations of this display. Mira is tickling his fancy by pushing the buttons for him over and over.

Finally, something Daddy could really enjoy!

Dr. Wolfe giving the dogs their meds.

Checking that they all have healthy heartbeats!

Ben and Mira going for a ride in the firetruck. Ben is focused on the road, and Mira is focused on her accessories.

And, again, what a great Daddy!!!! (We LOVE this guy!!!)