Sunday, July 15, 2012


Mira's buddy, Cole, decided he was done with his playhouse and wanted Mira to have it! Mira was very pleased!! :)

Cole spent pretty much the whole day with us yesterday. Mira and Cole have SO much fun together; it's so awesome watching them play! They get along so nicely and are so silly when they hang out!

We went to the Museum of Nature and Science then on to North Park Center for even more entertainment!!!
On our way! They are giddy to be riding together in the same car.

Checking out the sharks.

Craft time!

Snack time!

Getting his tattoo....Mira is very anti-temporary tattoo...she refuses to even take one, let alone put one on her body. I hope she keeps this attitude regarding all tattoos until she's at least 20!

Story time with Miss Melody Bell - very cool!!

Mira is mad at me right now...because I wouldn't let her monopolize the costume AND the instrument....

This is how she let me know she was not happy with me.

Playing some clapping games with Miss Bell

He was a pro on the drum by the end. Mira was still mad at me, so I have few pictures of her...

She finally got over it enough to play the drum with Cole.

Gyotaku (fish printing) - traditionally, it involves a real fish. Thankfully, they provided us with a rubber fish. 

I LOVE these prints! I'm definitely going to frame Mira's!


WET sand!!! Better for making sand castles!

Digging for dinosaur bones.

Mira couldn't wait to show Cole the vomit guy.

Cole loved it and had to push the button over and over and over! Ha!

Mira was also very excited to show Cole the farm...

Picking veggies and fruits...

Driving the tractor..

Riding the horse....

On another tractor - this one isn't as exciting.

The water table was a hit, but an urgent potty break cut this short. We'll have to stay here longer next time.

Driving the fire truck.

They are racing to the site of the fire - Mira is driving fast (i.e. turning the wheel back and forth wildly).

Dressing the part.

More sand. Can't have too much sand!

They worked together to make the hot air balloon rise up.

Watching a science show at North Park.

They have both decided that they want face paint.

Mira chose the full-face butterfly which is a first for her. She usually wants to stick to a small picture on her cheek.

Turned out pretty...

....even though she wouldn't look at the camera and smile...

...this is the best I got; averted eyes and a fake smile - I'll take it!

Cole was up next! He chose Spider Man, which I thought was odd, because I'm pretty sure he doesn't know much about Spider Man...

Turns out, he was given a pair of Spider Man flip flops, so that's where he came up with that! Ha! Here they are: Miss Butterfly and Mr Spider - both pretty stoic.

We had a lot of fun! Cole is such a great kid, and we just love watching the two of them together!