Monday, August 8, 2011

Vegas - 6th Anniversary Trip

Kenny and I had a great time in Vegas celebrating our 6th year of marriage! We saw a lot of shows and walked A LOT! We tried to see all the hotels, but ran out of time and steam before we managed to see them all.

We saw Nathan Burton's Comedy Magic show; Jeff Civillico's Comedy in Action (which was hilarious - you must see this guy in action at some point - go on, add him to your Bucket List!); The Comedy at the Improv show which featured Charles Fleisher (he was HORRIBLE - scratch him off your Bucket List right now!) and another comedian, Rayjiv Satyal who was pretty funny but who would have been better if it weren't for our uber-annoying audience. We also saw the Cirque du Soleil show Mystere which was pretty fantastic and awe-inspiring! Of course, we didn't get any pictures of any of these shows - other than the one we purchased at Jeff's show because Kenny got 15 minutes of fame as a volunteer up on stage for one of the stunts. I have no scanner hooked up, so you'll just have to imagine....Kenny was tossing the guy marshmallows, so that he could juggle it amongst other things.

We also enjoyed hanging out in the hotel room - relaxing and watching movies here and there.

We were both amazed at how authentic the faux grass looked!

We ate at Max Brenner's, which was totally not vegan, but a chocolate-lover's paradise! Our meal was vegan (veg burgers with waffle fries), but the drink I had was not (although it could so easily be veganized). It was unbelievably good! I wanted to savor, but I really came near guzzling!

Look how pretty it is! I've never had a drink served on its own tray!

Piles of chocolate were EVERYWHERE!!!

An extra little shot of deliciousness!

The main thing we got pictures of was us hangin' with our peeps at Madame Tussaud's Museum of Wax...

Kenny and his homeboy, Jamie

Cameron and I sharing a joke

Too cool for words

J.T. and K.W. 

Julia and I hang out all the time

Kenny and Mel were in deep conversation - I think they were discussing the economy...

Tiger needed an expert's opinion

Cheap shot!  

I think he's gonna make it! Shaq's got nothin' on this white boy!

Don's hair needed a little more height.

Kenny re-living his daring motorcycle days.

We were really belting it out! - who told you that you could sing? Your momma lied.

Snoop Dogg's "Throne"

Tupac's alive and well.

This one's for LaLa

Started a new career while we were in Vegas.

Kenny and The Rat Pack

Wayne is SO funny!!!

Kenny is ready for Wolfgang's gourmet meal - hope it's vegan!

Kenny's first attempt at looking like he is being viciously attacked by a tiger. I rejected this.

His second attempt. I also rejected this, but couldn't bare to watch him try again...

Kenny's BFF Nic

With our founding fathers...

I look unsure here. I'm actually a big fan of Mr. Franklin. I just didn't know how you pose with him in a photo...?

Kenny taking care of some business in the Oval Office - somebody's gotta do it, right?? (j/k Mr. Prez - I would totally ask for your autograph if I ever met you!)

The KING!!!!! And then I fainted....

I love these statue people! I've seen them a million times, but I'm still impressed every time I see them. Maybe because I would really stink at this job. I wouldn't have even noticed this guy was a guy except for the real cash laying around his pedestal - that's what caught my eye!

Touring the Strip....

MGM - we got to pet and get our picture taken with a lion cub here!! I've got to get that scanner hooked up so I can add it!!

New York, NY - Hello Lady Liberty (I found a letterbox nearby!)

This one is more impressive seeing as how it's made entirely of Jelly Bellies.

Inside the Bellagio - very colorful.

I thought Mira would have liked this hotel, so I took lots of pics.

Made entirely from plants!

A "painting" of flowers - also made of flowers.

Obligatory Sphinx picture at the Luxor

The Sahara was old when I was a kid...

...and now they're gonna blow it up and build something else!

Circus Circus made me so happy after seeing so many changes in Vegas (for the worse as far as I'm concerned) - it was practically unchanged from when I was a kid! Kenny laughed as I ran around in the arcade like an 8 year-old; "Oh, can we play THIS one next!? Oh, look at this one - I LOVE this one!!!" We won two teddy bears and a plush rose for Mira - not too shabby! We also caught two of the live "circus" shows - some pretty amazing gymnasts! So FUN! I took this picture because I'm afraid it may not last much longer....  :(

For our anniversary dinner, we ate at Sinatra's in the Encore Hotel/Casino. It was FABULOUS! I just can't say enough about it! All the Wynn and Encore restaurants (owned by vegan, Steve Wynn) have full vegan menus available! The food was so amazing! The service was 10-star!! And they played Sinatra music in the background - what more could you ask for?! The Vegan Wolfe has more details regarding the meal.

A kind stranger took our picture before dinner.

My handsome husband and his beautiful, delicious salad.

I think I look sort of pretty and sort of drunk in this picture. I hadn't had anything to drink yet - see my glass is full! - I think maybe I was just really tired and therefore let my posture suffer? Wonder what I looked like AFTER that drink! It was so dee-lish...Raspberry Limoncello Martini. And the chilled tomato soup was surprisingly good!

When the server found out it was our anniversary, she threw a fit that we didn't tell her earlier. We had already stuffed ourselves silly and passed on dessert. Kenny was signing the credit card slip when she insisted on bringing us "something special". Coconut gelato on a bed of fresh berries with a passion fruit consomme - HOLY COW! I was shocked that something so simple could be so delicious! And, of course, it was all vegan!! What a wonderful ending to a wonderful dining experience! We waddled back to our hotel!

We had a wonderful time together as always! I'm so glad we were lucky enough to find each other and so early in life, too! We have created so many incredible memories together in the past 8 1/2 years (I hope I did that math right)! AND we still really like each other!! BONUS!!!!