Friday, November 20, 2009

12 Month Check-Up!!

Well, I've blogged about all of the birthday celebrations, and now I want to write about all the amazing things our one year old is doing these days!!!

We had her 12 Month Well Baby Check-Up today, and all went well.

She started this appointment being weighed like a big girl instead of sitting on the baby scale! I had my camera ready, but I do wished I had taken a picture at least one of those times she was weighed laying down/sitting!  =(

She weighed 22 pounds and measured 29 inches (they still lay her down for that) - both in the 50th percentile. Dr. Crittell says she is one of the most consistent babies she's ever seen - she has stayed exactly in the 50th at every visit! I guess that's a good thing!?

The 12 month check-up includes taking a blood sample to check Hemoglobin and lead levels She was none too happy about this process - they have to take a lot of blood to check for anemia and it took a lot of milking her little finger to get a big enough sample! Both were perfect! Yay!

The rest of the check-up went great - no problems - fit as a fiddle! Then, unfortunately, it was time for FOUR shots! Not happy about this either! Thankfully, the nurse was well prepared and did them all super-fast, so I could scoop Mira up as soon as possible and calm her down.

So, that's about it for the doctor's appointment. Our next visit is in February at 15 months - boy, does that sound old!!!  =)

Here are some other note-worthy facts about 1 year old Mira!
  • You are starting to say a lot of words here and there! The list includes Jeter, Dog, Nice, Yuck, Duck, That? (as in "what's that?"), Daddy, Mommy, "rooaaar" (in response to "what does a tiger say?"), "grooowwl" ("what does a bear say?), "meow" (I bet you can guess this one!).
  • You are also signing a few words which include: "All Done"; "More" (we think really you only use this to mean "I want a snack," "more snack," or "a different snack"); "Fan"; and "Help"
  • You've got about an 80% success rate when asked "where is your head?"; "where is your tummy?"; and "where is your heart?" You're most consistent with finding your heart.  =) You point to everyone's nose (including stuffed animals/dolls), but don't usually respond to "where is your nose?" - I guess you're not interested in sharing that information yet.
  • You are still wearing a size 4 diaper - looks like you'll be in them for a while; they're still pretty roomy.
  • You are wearing mostly 12 month clothes, and size 3 (6-12 mo) in shoes (you have a smallish foot).
  • You are in Level 3 at Gymboree. I'm not sure when you're supposed to move up, but I'd rather stay here for a little while!
  • You are walking so well (have been for about 2 or 3 weeks)! You can stand up all by yourself without holding onto anything, you can turn, and you're getting really fast!!
  • You love to dance to any sort of music - it's the cutest thing ever! You will play and re-play any music you can such as musical greeting cards or toys that play music. You even learned how to adjust the tuner on the radio and change the station when the music is interrupted by talking!
  • You clap for Mommy & Daddy and especially yourself when any of us does a good job!
  • Not only can you climb all the way up the stairs at lightning speed (you've been doing this for a long time now), you have recently figured out how to go down the stairs at an alarming pace!
  • You can get down off the sofa, a bed, or your chair all by yourself using much the same technique as you use for going down the stairs.
  • You can put things inside something else and are learning to stack (you can put one mega block on top of another), and you are very good at putting rings on your ring stacker.
  • You understand so much of what we say to you and you usually oblige when we ask things like "give that to Mommy, please"; "put that back, please"; "come here" or "come with me"; "leave that alone" - you do that last one even though it really upsets you most of the time!
  • You are a whiz at uncapping markers, pens, etc., taking caps/lids off of small bottles/containers. You enjoy uncapping chapsticks and glue sticks, and you are capable of opening those mini bottles of shampoo/conditioner, so we really have to keep an eye on these things.
  • You love chapstick - you pucker your little lips right up when I uncap it and ask if you want some. After I put it on, you smack your lips together as if to rub it in! So adorable!
  • You are a pro at turning the light switches OFF and ON.
  • You can scribble a little bit with markers, but you would rather just play with the marker rather than draw with it.
  • You are very good at putting coins in your piggy bank.
  • You are quite the climber - you try to climb everything! Glad we tethered the bookshelves a long time ago!
  • You love watching football with Daddy; you clap and cheer everytime it's on (even if it's just the highlights on SportsCenter). This makes Daddy very happy.
  • You try to comb/brush your hair and ours, and you like to take clips/pins out of my hair then try to replace them. You get very frustrated when you can't make them stay!
  • Some foods/drinks you really enjoy: cheese pizza; chips - plain or with beans, cheese, or salsa on them; plain soy milk; bananas; Chinese rice crackers; graham crackers; ginger snaps; Annie's Homegrown snacks (a version of goldfish and teddy grahams); cereal bars; peanut butter and cracker sandwiches; all the Gerber snacky foods (puffs, yogurt melts, etc.); pudding; Jumbo rice crispies in silk; water - you love to drink water!
  • You still don't want to eat diced fruits or veggies - anything "wet" or "slimy" seems to oog you out (banana being a strange exception to that rule).
  • You have quite the sweet tooth and enjoy cake; ice cream; candy; cookies, etc. We try to keep these to a minimum, but you do scarf them when you get a chance! (I can't blame you, I think you got that swee tooth from your Mommy!)
  • You've recently taken a real interest in all your books. You like to take them all of the shelf and leaf through the pages. You've even sat through a couple of stories from start to finish! You especially like to turn the pages - usually before I have read everything on that page.
A few pics...

Such a little "mommy" already!

"Putting it on a fancy plate does not make me want to eat this!"

Yum! PB & crackers!


Big girl walking at Gymboree.

Really starting to love the climbing aspect of Gymboree!

And now I would like to record our current bedtime routine...

Around 7 or 7:15, we start getting the bath ready (turn on the bathroom heater, run the water, get pj's and a diaper, set out a towel and washcloth). We are still getting in the tub with you just because we think it's way easier than bending over the edge of the bathtub, it's safer - you are quite the slippery, wiggley worm, and it's fun! We switch off every night, so tonight, Daddy (donning his swim trunks) was in the tub with you. We wash your hair every night and scrub you down, then just play with all your bath toys for a while. I guess it won't be long before we start putting you in there by yourself. We have a time or two, but it was such a hassle!

Around 7:45, it's time to rinse and get out of the tub (unless you are super-sleepy and then we get out a little earlier). Whoever isn't in the tub is waiting in the wings with a nice fluffy towel to wrap you in and dry you off. We plop you on the bathroom counter (on top of another towel for extra cushion) and get you dressed. I rub lotion on your feet and legs and sometimes your tummy and arms. I clean your ears with safety Q-tips, even though I know I'm not supposed to, because you absolutely love it! I like to dry your hair good with the towel and comb it then re-fluff your curls (Daddy thinks this is silly). You hold onto your hair brush while I use the comb, then when I'm done, I open the drawer, and we both drop our tools inside!

The last thing we do is teeth. I give you the gum massager and you "brush" your teeth, saying "aaaahhhhh" the whole time with your little pinky in the air (precious!). Then I use your real tooth brush to clean all those pearly whites! We finish with a quick floss (using a floss pick) between your bottom two teeth which are the only ones that touch so far - you always open right up for this!

From there, we walk down the short hallway to your room. Along the way, we say goodnight to all of our family members in the photos that hang on that wall. We point to the same ones everynight and in the same order. You lead the way, waiting for me to say the person's name and "goodnight", we wave, then you point to the next one. The last picture we look at is a picture of you as a sleeping, naked newborn. I always point out your "cute little tushie" in the pic then give your present day tush a squeeze! This makes you laugh.

Then we go into your room, close your blinds and drapes. Daddy gives you kisses and tells you goodnight and that he loves you. Then  he turns out your lamp while I lay you down in your bed. I put you in the corner, with your back snug against the bumper pad, give you Ally and tuck your blanket around you. I lean way far down and give you a couple of kisses and tell you to sleep tight and that I love you. Then I leave your room, closing the door along the way.

You go right to sleep and stay out until around 5:30 in the morning. You move around a lot but always have your head shoved way into the corner of your crib bumper pad. At first, this really unsettled me, but after moving you a couple of times and finding you right back there, I have come to realize that you are comfortable that way, and you are, in fact, breathing.  This is why I start you out in the corner - because otherwise, you toss and turn and scoot until you get yourself there. Although, I do still wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and stare at the monitor long enough to see you breathing or until you move - just to be sure! I really wished you didn't like to bury yourself in the bumper pad!

Well, this has been a very long post. I think I've covered most of the details. I am so excited about watching you grow more and more - stronger and smarter every day!

We have enjoyed this past year so very much; you really do bring so much joy to our lives! We love you madly, Mirabelle!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mira's Birthday

On Mira's actual birthday - Tuesday, November 17th - we had a very busy day!

We started the day with a visit to Ms. Karen, the wonderful lady that keeps Mira at the gym while I'm working out. We took her a cupcake, and she and Mira played while I hit the treadmill.

Later that morning, Mira and I went up to the TCD office and delivered more cupcakes. Mira had fun toddling around, looking out the big windows, and dancing to some "Jeopardy" music (those guys have some crazy toys up there at the office!)

From there, Kenny joined us for lunch at Jason's Deli. Mira and I shared a grilled cheese, she had some carrots, then she and Daddy shared ice cream for dessert!

After lunch, it was time for Gymboree. Kenny joined us since it was her birthday, and he hadn't been in a long time. Mira got such a nice surprise at Gymboree - her best bud, Mason, brought her a rose and a balloon!!!! So, so, so sweet and thoughtful!!

Gymboree was a blast. Mira was climbing and walking all over the place and at the end everyone sang
"Happy Birthday" to her. It was so funny, because when they started, she walked right into the center of the parachute as if she knew she was (or wanted to be) the center of attention in that moment! Ha!

That evening, we took Mira to Mr. Gatti's since, again, pizza is her favorite thing to eat! She ate quite a bit of pizza and then got brave enough to try a few bites of random other things I pulled off the salad bar - cottage cheese and pudding to name a couple. She instantly spit out the cottage cheese and scarfed the pudding!

She even got to play in the arcade a little bit before heading home!

Back at home, we had a short Skype with Grandma Sheila & Papanui so they could say hello and sing "Happy Birthday" to her.

After shutting down the computer, we remembered that we had another gift to open and more cake to cut! I saved the top tier of the cake from her baby shower that Aunt Coco had made! We thawed it out for her actual birthday, since she had her party/cake on Saturday. I think this was the fourth or fifth time she was sung "Happy Birthday" (not including all the "practice" times that Kenny and I sang to her before her party!).  =)

She didn't really eat much of it...I think she was stuffed from Mr. Gatti's, because I tasted it, and it was still moist and delicious! She played with it for a little while and then her new mini cars before it was time for her bath.

What an exciting, fun-filled birthday!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mira's Birthday Party!!

We had Mira's birthday party this past weekend! She had so much fun!! It was all set up like a big movie premier event complete with a concessions stand, theatre, and glitzy decor!

First thing you see when you walk in on the red carpet, is the marque announcing Mira's show!

At the concessions stand, you could find your favorite movie treats - pizza, popcorn, nachos, and soda! Yum!! These are all (minus soda) some of Mira's favorites!! She loves chips (with cheese, salsa, or nothing at all on them), she LOVES popcorn (I de-hull it for her), and she LOVES Johnny's pizza!!!

We had to advertise some of Mira's other upcoming blockbusters, so, of course, there were a few movie posters hung!

Kenny created a video montage of Mira's first year "acting jobs" and set it all to tear-jerking music! Everyone seemed to really enjoy the show - I saw a few eyes glistening by the time the credits were rolling! I had to add velour curtains, so we could have the real theatre experience.

Various signs pointed everyone to the "Arcade" (our upstairs gameroom where the older kids played Wii), the Restroom, and Miss Wolfe's dressing room.

The Princess's Throne...I made a slip cover out of turquoise satin and a "tutu" for the tray of her highchair out of pink & turquoise tulle!

I made three cakes - one was a movie reel (chocolate fudge cake), one was Mira's Hollywood Blvd star with her name signed above her handprints (classic white), and her smash cake (classic white) was a little clapboard! Everyone assured me that the cakes were just as delicious as they were attractive! Many went back for seconds, and I thought it was yummy, too, so I believe them!  ;)

When it came time to sing "Happy Birthday," Mira flipped out in true one year old style! She hated the birthday hat that I adored, so we only got a few red-faced, teary-eyed shots with the hat!

She continued to wail for a while and refuse to touch the cake. I gave her a few tastes of icing, and she would briefly calm down. I think all the eyes on her really freaked her out! Once everyone cheered and clapped then sort of gave up on her eating any of it, she calmed down. A little later, Aunt Coco gave her a spoon....that's all she needed - she just wanted to eat like a civilized lady!! Boy, does that girl love her some cake!

We served champagne with the cake. Lindsey told us she saw a wine that shared Mira's name, so we had to get a couple of bottles! Even Mira enjoyed it! Thanks Lindsey!!

Okay, obviously, we did not give our one year old champagne! But, she sure enjoyed drinking water out of that flute; she wanted more!!

After all the cake was washed away and the birthday outfit was partially re-donned, it was time for presents!! First, we sat her in her new, big girl recliner, and she flashed us the biggest smile ever! She loves it so much - she likes to climb up into it all by herself!

She got so many great gifts! She really loves each and every one! Every since the party, she has gone from one new thing to the next - she's really having fun with it all! While opening the presents, she had so much fun sitting in her chair, seeing what was in the bags & boxes, and playing with all the greeting cards!

We saved Gymbo for last...she was very excited to see her old friend from Gymboree!! She smiled real big then grabbed him for a great big, long squeeze! It was adorable!

Here are other pics of Mira and her beloved fans...

We also asked guests to help us fill a time capsule for Mira to open in 20 years, when she turns 21 years old! Everyone was very excited about the idea and came up with such great things to include!! There are letters, pictures, things that show what life is like today, and gifts for 21-year old Mira. We added a few more things and sealed it up (with pink & turquoise duct tape!) on her birthday last night. I would love to write in detail about all the great ideas people came up with, but I want it to be a surprise for Mira!

As guests left, we sent them off with their choice of movie candy and a simple note that said, "Thanks for being a fan (I'm yours, too)!"

We're so lucky to have such great family and friends who adore Mira and care about her so much! Thank you all for coming - Mira loves you guys, and we do, too!!