Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blast from the Past!

Kenny and I have been together 7 years his October! Here is a picture from our first Halloween together (we had only started dating about a week before)!

I was a devil (obviously), and Kenny was a Wino. He thought since he wore an old suit and carried a bottle of wine around all night that his costume was just as obvious as mine...

Best 7 years of my life - hands down, without a doubt!!! Thanks for soooooo many awesome memories! I love you, Kenny!

Baylor Homecoming Weekend

We had the best time in Waco driving all over town and strolling around campus. This is where Kenny and I met, fell in love, and became engaged! Of course, there were other memories to enjoy, too, but there are a few places in Waco and especially on Baylor's campus that really hold a special spot in mine and Kenny's hearts.

Mira loved, loved, loved seeing the bears!! She pointed, growled to them, and called them all "Jeejer" (Jeter), and cried when we had to leave them! She was so excited to see them again throughout the weekend in various places! (I think our next zoo excursion will be a hit!)

Daddy with his little bear cub.

Meet Rufus. Rufus is some guy who was important enough to get a statue. I don't know why he got a statue (that's not important), but I will tell you why he was important enough to get a picture with us. This was mine and Kenny's official rendezvous point. We'd kiss our good-byes before one class, and say "I'll meet ya at Rufus," and this is where we could find each other!
This is the first time either of us showed up with a baby!!

The Quadrangle. If you were standing with us the first night Kenny and I said "I love you" to each other (that would have been awkward for you and us both), you could have look up and saw this - the third window from the right of the Draper Academic Building.

And if you were standing in that very same spot the night Kenny got down on one knee and proposed to me (again, awkward), and you looked North, you would see the tip top of Pat Neff Hall. Didn't I tell you we had some good memories on this campus?!

Kenny & Mira infront of Pat Neff - Mira danced when the bells rang!!

The Parade! Mira really enjoyed the parade. She loved looking at all the people. She loved watching the floats and cars go by. She really loved watching balloons that had escaped thir owners and were floating up in the air (she would watch them even after they were just tiny specs in the sky!). And she loved seeing the bear again!!

Watching and pointing at the balloons that are floating away.

Sic 'em, Bears!! Mira was very excited to see the bear again! She growled VERY loud! =)

Sitting in the bleachers, waiting for the, I mean, game to begin.

On Sunday, we went over to the Garrett's house and had brunch. I met this family my second to last semester at Baylor. I was paired up with them to spend some time with their two autistic boys. Evan & Cameron were about 2 & 3 years old then. I fell in love with them, and I guess the family fell in love with me, because they offered me a place to live when Kenny needed to move on up to Dallas the summer before my last semester at Baylor.
I began training to become a Behavioral Therapists and worked with the boys along with another boy who was autistic. At the time, I really felt it was my passion and my calling. Since then, I have had a change of heart, but have been forever changed by my experiences with Evan, Cameron, and Johnny.
Anyways, we had a great time with them, and we were totally impressed with the progress that both Evan and Cameron had made! I'm so glad they are all doing well - they are a great family!
After this visit, we got back on the long road home...
We had to stop at a park on the way home so Kenny and I wouldn't lose our minds from the screaming and crying that was going on in the backseat. I know, I know - it's hard to believe when you look at this sweet face! But, it's true! She changes! (Sidenote: I was being the "Tickle Monster," and that is why my hands look arthritic in this photo, if you could tear your eyes away from that gorgeous baby long enough to even notice.)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Photo Shoot

We're finally feeling some nice Fall weather, and we're loving it!! Mira and I did a little photo shoot on our front porch, and I thought I would post a few shots. She was really enjoying herself, so I took a ton!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

First Steps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are Mira's first official steps. She has taken a step here or there before, but they were more like stumbling toward us. These are real steps! Notice, we had to distract her with a toy!

I was upstairs working on 5 million different projects when I heard Kenny cheering downstairs. He called up to me that she took a few steps. When she did it again, I grabbed the camera and ran downstairs!

Now Mommy's turn!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Teeth: #3 & #4!!

I held Mira upside down to get a shot of this first tooth when it finally broke through! Don't worry, she's like a baby opossum - she loves to hang upside down!!
Kenny and I had to tag-team her to get a good shot of the newest pearly-whites! Kenny entertained, and I snapped away! Still a little blurry, but you can see them in all their glory!!!


I've always loved tulips, but I never remember to plant them when you are supposed to! Finally, I thought to do it this Fall, and I had the best helper EVER!!

Hmmmm......what will we do with these???

First, we removed the Impatiens that were in our pot and added fresh soil! Oh, trowels are fun!!

Now it's time to place the bulbs! Mira is considering eating the bulbs before I have a chance to put them in the pot.

A pot full of tulip bulbs (pointy end up)!!!

Cover with soil, water, and leave in a shady spot!! Yea!! We should have beautiful tulips to enjoy next Spring!!!! Doesn't Mira look so proud of our little project? Couldn't have done it without you, sweet girl!


More random pictures of our super-adorable baby girl!!!

Got my backpack on - ready to get on the plane!! This backpack was a gift from her Great Aunt Connie, who brought it all the way back from Guatamala!! It's just her size!!

She always sleeps with Ally the Gator...who we adopted back in July at Gators & Friends.

This is Mira standing on tip toes and craning her neck to see her puppies whom I had just let out into the backyard.

IDK...just a cute picture... =)

She got her first stamp at Gymboree!!! What a big girl she is now!!!

This was one of a series of pics where I was trying my best to get a shot of her new upper tooth...she wasn't having any of it. But, I love this picture!

She found my shoes. This girl loves shoes.

She now hugs her babies (and just about anything else), cocks her head to the side to cuddle with them, and then pats them!! It's just almost too adorable to handle!! This is her GloWorm baby that the Montgomery's got her - she loves it so much!

Another shot of this unbelievable cuteness! She looks so serious and business-like when she's lovin' on her babies...cracks me up!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Denver Trip: A Couple of Videos

After landing in Denver, we met up with Grandma Sheila and then waited by baggage claim while Papanui got the rental car. We spent most of the time taking turns helping Mira walk - she had tons of fun! She has her new Robeez on, and apparently she is between sizes, because they are huge!! They didn't slow her down much though!

Mira enjoying the game. We got there pretty early, so there are lots of empty seats, but it was soon a packed house!! (It's pretty loud)

Denver Trip: Game Day, Baby!!

The night before, we went to a movie (Zombieland is mine and Kenny's new favorite movie), and when we returned to the hotel, there were two Ferrari's and a Bentley sports car parked in front of the hotel! We soon realized that the Denver Broncos were staying in our hotel!! Apparently, they stay at this hotel before every home game.

We rode up the elevator with a couple of them, and Kenny managed to slip in a "Good luck tomorrow, guys!" before we got off the elevator, and they went on up to the Club Level with their Styrofoam boxes of food.

What a great game!!! I was literally on the edge of my seat (when I wasn't standing or jumping up and down) the whole game!

Mira enjoyed the noise and the people watching, as usual. She screamed and clapped throughout the game. She was pretty content the whole time...I had expected she would be ready to go after about 20 minutes. We did go down and walk around for about 10 minutes to escape the blazing sun at one point, but other than that, she was perfectly happy to sit and watch all the goings-on. She went from lap to lap, but no one seemed to mind that! She also enjoyed waving at the fans behind us - they were enthralled!

At one point, Miles (Broncos mascot) came up into the stands beside us, and Mira got on the "Fan Cam" - she was on the Jumbo Tron for about 15 seconds (Kenny held her pretty high in the air)!! How cool is that?? I wished we had thought to record the game...don't know if we made it on t.v. or not, but it would be cool to find out!

At the end of the game, when the score was 10-17 Broncos, some young guys sitting beside us said we would have to bring her to every game now - "She's a good luck charm!" Another lady stopped us as we filed out of the stadium and said Mira entertained her and her husband the whole game - "what a sweetie!" she said.

At that point, Mira had finally conked out. She hung in there until about the last 2 minutes of the game, and then passed out completely!

Ready to go see the Broncos with my Papanui!!!

Let's go Broncos, let's go!! Papanui flashes his insignia to show support.

Us. (Yea!!!)

Them. (Boo! Hiss!)

Hangin' out with Miles.

Mira, Daddy, and Aunt Kara

Final Score Board. As promised, Kenny will be sharing this pic at the office.

And she's done...(notice she fell asleep sucking on my hoodie string)

Denver Trip: Estes Park

Saturday, we all drove up to the mountains to Estes Park where we got to see the beautiful Fall colors (the "shimmering, yellow Aspen," said Papanui) and herds of elk along the road! The weather was crisp and felt great (in the mid-fifties, I believe)!

We also stopped at the Visitor's Center & Gift Shop where we enjoyed some ice cream (despite the chilly weather!) and enjoyed looking around at all the "stuff"!

This was another opportunity to let Mira burn some energy before putting her back in her carseat for the long drive back to the hotel. She was not happy about that!

A "real" Autumn - not like the ones down south!!

Mountains always make a great pic.

Check out that rack!!

Me and the Park Ranger

Mira considers buying a cowgirl hat, but, in the end, she decides she is more of a city girl...shoe shopping anyone??

Denver Trip: Traveling

Last Friday, we flew from Shreveport to DFW and on to Denver, CO to meet up with Grandma Sheila, Papanui, and Aunt Kara to see the Denver Broncos beat the Dallas Cowboys!!

This was Mira's 5th big trip (third airplane trip) so far! She's already one well-traveled Wolfe!

We tried to let her burn as much energy as possible before each flight! She had SO much fun walking around and seeing everything/everybody! She would stop every couple of steps and pull her hand out of ours so that she could wave to everyone!

We pulled out all the stops in order to keep her entertained on the plane - looking out the windows; opening & shutting the windows; looking at SkyMall magazines; tearing up/eating the safety instruction cards; making a puppet out of the paper sack; playing peek-a-boo with passengers behind us; waving at everyone; visiting the bathroom (three mirrors!); and, of course, we had tons of new toys and snacks & drinks to keep her occupied! we didn't give our fellow passengers a headache with this game - better than a screaming infant, right?) Check out that hair!!

No caption needed here. (I LOVE this picture!)

Mira trying her best to climb over the seat and get to the friendly couple behind us!

Mira got multiple compliments on each leg of the trip (that's four different flights in all!) for being such a good girl! Kenny and I realize that gone are the days of packing a book to read or crosswords to solve for the plane trip. Here and now are the days of constant entertaining, diaper changes in tiny airplane bathrooms, and nearly collapsing when our bundle of energy decides to bless us with a nap!

Ahhhh....finally, a little rest for all of us!