Friday, June 15, 2012

Disney World 2012

We just got back from a week at Disney World! There was a lot of rain, a lot of food, a lot of walking, a lot of rides, a lot of shows, a lot of characters, and a lot of FUN!!!

As usual, I'll make this a photo journal for the most part...

ON OUR WAY! - Monday, June 4

Mira's excited about her first time to ride on the plane with just the seatbelt. We left the car seat at home this trip since we wouldn't need it at Disney.


Our room was great! We had this beautiful view of the animals grazing on the savannah!

Heading to Animal Kingdom Lodge's Jambo House for a late lunch at The Mara.

The Hughe's arrive and CoCo brought a special surprise - matching tshirts and sequined bows for Mira and Avi!!

We went back over to Jambo House and ate dinner at BOMA which was not the best dining experience for our first evening there! But, we managed to have fun dancing to the African drums! SheesaNui took Mira back to our room early since she seemed completely worn out from the day's travels. 


The first ride we rode was Tower of Terror - we went to the Magic Hours late the first night with all the Hughes' while Mira and SheesaNui slept! The Kenny's and I rode this together.

Then we rocked the Rock 'n Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith! Upside down, quite fast, and in the dark! LaLa, the Kenny's, and I rode this one.

We were pretty pleased with ourselves - staying up "so late" (midnight) and riding roller coasters - two things we would have said we were too old for!! 


Autograph book ready - waiting in line to meet Cinderella!

She was a little unnerved by this meeting. She warmed up though...

Our first morning was spent in Cinderella's castle for breakfast. This is the moment that Mira first noticed a princess!

She sees Sleeping Beauty!

They made us egg-free waffles! Yum!

My breakfast was delicious!!

"Don't I know you?"

The Step-mother and Step-sisters were outside the castle.


Getting tired from such an exciting day! Waiting in line for the Barnstormer roller coaster (the first time).

Being so silly with Daddy!

I love these two goofs so much!

Riding It's a Small World - she was singing the song before the end of the ride. She really loved it!

The plan was for Avi and Mira to ride the Teacup Ride together since spinning makes me and Kenny both quite ill...

That plan did not work, so Kenny took one for the team. He looked pretty green after the ride. :|

Disney's version of the common pigeon??

Mira had a lot of fun running circles around this bird with another little girl there.

Some down time with Daddy - reading Princess Bedtime Stories

HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS - Wednesday, June 6

Disney Junior Live at Hollywood Studios - Mira enjoyed this part the most - BUBBLES!!!

Mira's diet was not the best all week. She ate A LOT of ketchup and popsicles...

Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage at Hollywood Studios - Mira really enjoyed all the shows.

She would take Kenny's arms and wrap them around her then hold onto his hands real tight. Precious.

Death grip on Daddy's hands during the fighting scene between Beast and Gaston.

Honey I Shrunk the Kids! playscape. Sheesa was a trooper and even braved the tunnels!

Giant Mickey Mouse cookie from the store in the lobby.

The cast member told us it would turn her mouth black - he wasn't kidding!


The adults got to enjoy an evening out at Artist Point in Wilderness Lodge. A very nice restaurant where we all had delicious meals and great service.

My dinner - can you believe I ate and ENJOYED all these veggies!? Well, except the asparagus - that's where I draw the line!

Warm lava cake for dessert - HEAVEN in my mouth! I had to pause and have a moment of silence after the first bite - it was SO good!

MAGIC KINGDOM (AGAIN) - Thursday, June 7

We arrived just in time for a little street show!

Speedway with Daddy! Mira got to drive! She said, "Driving a race car is pretty tricky!"

This is the second ride on It's a Small World in Magic Kingdom. This was definitely one of her favorites as well as the Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom which we also rode twice.


Ready to get "fancied up!" (Although Mommy thinks she's prettier "au natural")

Pick a color of tiara - PINK!

The hair gets slicked back with tons of gel!

A pretty bun

Mira's beloved Belle shoes (the whole reason for picking the Belle dress)

A Mickey barrett for the back!

Time for glitter!

Pick your eye shadow color...

Now, nails!

Almost done...

A sash....

Ready to see in the mirror?!

Final product.

And, she got a goodie bag!!

Princess Crazy Eyes

The Lego shop next door.


Prince Charming

LaLa wasted no time in hopping up to get her picture with Prince Charming!

Avi was more coy, but finally got up there.

Drusella - one of the step-sisters.

Another meeting with Cinderella.

At one point, Anastasia (the other step-sister) came and swooped Kenny up and made him dance with her. She was jealous that Cinderella and Prince Charming were getting too much attention. It was pretty hilarious!! I got the whole thing on video, so hopefully, we upload that soon!

Kenny and CoCo dancing their way out.

Avi and Mira danced the whole way out, too!

On the train back to our resort.

Taking the Princess apart - the hair plus crazy eyes was cracking us all up!

EPCOT - Friday, June 8

We saw Daisy first thing! 

Probably the best character photo of the whole trip.

The Seas with Nemo and Friends 

We started our trek around the countries in Epcot...

PapaNui was jammin'!

Kenny and Jim enjoyed a Bier in Germany.

We ran into Mulan!

And Duffy! He's the newest Disney character!

While Kenny, Sheila, and Jim did Spaceship Earth, Mira and I went to the Character Spot and met Mickey and his friends. She was bouncing off the walls excited!

We ended the evening with Kakigori (Japanese snow cone) while watching the fireworks show.

Brain Freeze!

Don't waste any!

"Sheesa, snuggle me!" She was shivering after eating that whole snow cone!

Good thing Mommy always packed a blanket! This is one sleepy girl!

ANIMAL KINGDOM - Saturday, June 9

The Tree of Life

Mount Everest - Avi, the Kenny's, and I rode Expediton Everest! I was SO proud of Avi!

Sausage Tree

Headed out on the Kilimanjaro Safari! LaLa was super-excited about seeing all the animals today...(you should be picking up on some facetiousness here).

Baobob tree

We decide my brother, Kenny, acts just like a Silverback Gorilla.

Maharajah Jungle Trek - checking out the tigers

This peacock was chasing a deer around in circles. Great video...

Giant grasshopper! This is actually native to Florida, the Cast Member just found it and picked it up to show people. It looks like it belongs in Africa!

We had to get a pic with it for Mira's friend Cole who is a budding entomologist. Mira was not crazy about being so close to this thing, but Cole would have scooped it up before you knew it!

We ran into Pooh and his Pals

Mira asked Eeyore if he was happy today - thankfully, he assured her that he was!

She loved meeting Tigger! You know, Tiggers (and Miras) LOVE bouncing!

And she crashed....

Just resting our eyes while we wait for the rain to slow down...

Conservation Station in Rafiki's Planet Watch - Kenny and I pet a Horned Lizard.

Sheesa and Mira were OUT - but Sheesa was still guarding Mira. We were pretty sure she would have jumped up into a Tae Kwon Do move if we had moved the stroller a little...

This was our last day at Disney! We couldn't believe how fast it goes by and how much we still didn't get to do while there for 6 days! There will definitely be a return trip in our future!!