Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kat & Addis's Wedding

We just returned from Virginia where we celebrated the Mengistu wedding! Mira was invited to be the flower girl, and she took her job very seriously! She practiced diligently for weeks and weeks prior to the big event. On the big day, she did a fabulous job!

The wedding went off without a hitch, and we had a great time visiting with all the Mase's and meeting Addis's family, too. We got to visit with Marguerite, Mike, Sara, Will, and Matthew while there. Mira and Curtis played (and fought) a lot. We met a lot of extended family as well, and we even met Tyson (Kat & Addis's beagle).

We arrived Thursday evening in time to attend the bridal shower. Mira enjoyed helping hand Kat her gifts - I was a little on edge since it was a lingerie party, and you never knew what was going to come out of those gift bags! Nothing traumatizing - phew!

Cute 50's Housewife theme - we all signed this cute apron for the Mrs.

We all brought a pair of undies in "our style" for Kat to guess who brought which pair.

Mine were made of duct tape - I'm a DIY'er...they are also practical since they are reversible and easy-to-clean, but a little sexy since they are a thong!

I love Mira's face in this photo - she was so excited about the lotion set!

Kat got enough lingerie to last the first year of marriage!

After the shower, Kenny and I went to Ned Divine's Irish Pub to hang out with Kat, Addis, and their friends. This is where they first met. We had a lot of fun dancing (the D.J. was great!) and drinking. Some of us (we won't mention names) drank a little too much....I'll let the details fade....

On Friday, Connie and I reinvented the flower arrangements since the original idea wouldn't work. We had a team of bridesmaids helping to make about 15 arrangements plus all the bouquets. We worked hard right up until the time when we all needed to leave for the dress rehearsal!

Mira had a great time playing with Curtis (her 2-yr old cousin and the ring bearer) then did a good job with the practice runs down the aisle. Afterwards, we all had a good time visiting at the rehearsal dinner at Houlihan's.

 Curtis is only 2, but is just about the same height as Mira!

The blur is our daughter. They were having so much fun running around in this big, open space!

Saturday evening was the wedding, and we needed to be there early for pictures. Mira looked adorable with her dress on and hair done. I made the dress and was very glad it had come together and made it through not only the ceremony, but also the reception, in one piece!

Mira needed a pre-game snack...

graham crackers....

Showing Sheesa her silver shoes.

It was a beautiful wedding, and Mira did a great job being the flower girl! She won the crowd with her big smile as she scattered the petals like a pro.

The reception was really fun, too. Kenny, Kellen, and I danced all night. Jim did some breakdancing (not to be out-done by Addis's family), and Sheila shook what her momma gave her, too! Connie flaunted her stuff with us, and we all had a blast trying to follow along every time a line dance started!! We even had a little hula going on! Sadly, not a single song was suited to either the Fox Trot or Waltz....ah, well - there's another wedding to attend in October....

Mira crashed and we were, as is often, very grateful for Grandma Sheesa and PapaNui!

Here are some more pics from the evening...mostly gratuitous cuteness....

This kid cracks me up all the time! She's such a ham!

A big congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Mengistu! We had so much fun and loved being part of such a special day!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March 2012

In March, Erika, Michael, Benjamin, and Ethan drove down from Lincoln, Nebraska for our bi-annual visit! They didn't get to stay long, and they picked a cold and rainy weekend to arrive, but we managed to pack a lot of fun into their stay. Unfortunately, we did not get many pictures at all this visit.

They arrived around 2 a.m. on Thursday, so Thursday was a rest, relax, and catch-up day. We always have a great time just hanging out and chatting.

Friday, all of us except Kenny, drove down to Waco for a whirlwind tour and some Bears gear. We stocked up on tee-shirts, etcetera and had lunch with a friend of Erika's. Unfortunately, it was freezing, the bears were not there, and I lost my wallet on the way home at a gas station!

Saturday, we rode the train to downtown and went to the Childrens' Aquarium at Fair Park. The kids enjoyed seeing and touching all the animals. Mira even garnered enough courage to feed the sting rays! She was pretty annoyed when she got splashed by excited rays (total meltdown ensued), but I was still really proud of her for doing it! We also visited the Texas Discovery Gardens, but left unimpressed.

The most fun was just watching Mira and Ben play while Ethan tried his hardest to keep up. At one point, Ben and Mira were racing around the house screaming over and over, "Watch out for the Big Kids!" and on one lap, Mira went out of her way to stiff-arm Ethan and yell "Watch out for the Big Kids!" - not really in a mean way, just very excited. She was thoroughly castigated. Overall, they were very sweet to Ethan, and he is so laid back, that not much bothered him as long as he had food to eat!

They had to leave on Sunday, so that was the end of their brief visit. We will be planning our visit to Lincoln here soon! Hopefully, we'll catch that amazing September weather up there!!!

Also, in March, we went to a Stars hockey game with PapaNui, and we took Mira to her second Disney on Ice show! She had a blast at both!

Again, it seems like there was more to March, but this will have to do for now!