Monday, April 26, 2010

Splish! Splash!

We decided to try out Mira's new pool (complete with slide and sprinkler) today. I inflated it while she napped and filled it up so it could sit in the sun for a few hours and warm up for our little princess. By the time Kenny got home from work, it was almost luke warm! We did not really use the sprinkler part - maybe later...

She had a blast though! I'm sure we'll be spending many hours in this pool throughout the summer!

Splash, splash, splash!!

Slurp, slurp, slurp!

Testing out the slide.

Not bad.

Playing with her sand bucket.

"Slide!" she said over and over again!

No, Daddy, not that - Slide!

Signing and saying, "more!"

Yep, that's the "more" sign again.


Splashing and sliding must make her hungry, she started signing and saying,"cookie!" So, we wrapped her up in a towel and gave her an oreo - good times!

Hello Sunshine!

We've been enjoying the beautiful weather at our local park a lot lately...

This is another overdue post. Grandma Sheila and PapaNui came for a visit the weekend before last, and here are a few pics from then.

Love her in these little cotton sundresses!

She spies Grandma Sheila outside. She's standing on her tip-toes and saying, "Hi! Hi!"

Going for a little walk at the Boardwalk with G'ma & PapaNui

Walking up high like a big girl.

Being a Daddy's girl.

She loves to look at the fountain - again with the tip-toes!

Trying to convince G'ma Sheila to let her walk over that rock and get closer to the water. I don't think she's buying it.

This is the face she makes at the end of the word "home" - she really drags it out and ends it with a pucker. She says this as soon as we turn into our neighborhood.

Not a ton of pics, but we really enjoyed the visit. Mira is crazy about her G'ma Sheila and PapaNui. She always goes through a little withdrawal after they're gone!


She's watching us!

Kissing Fish

Kenny and I did a little painting project. We each had the same set of photos to work from and the same color palette. We didn't show each other until we were done - this is what we came up with! (I think you can click on the photos to see them bigger/more detailed.)

My Fish

His Fish

Kissing Fish!!!!!

After the reveal, Kenny did change his background to match mine more closely than his original background. I told him he should have left it alone - it matched the style of his fish better. I think they turned out so cute! Now, where to hang them....


This girl LOVES hummus!!

I just thought she looked like such a big kid the way she was leaning against the coffee table and reading her Animal Baby magazine - like she was some teenager loitering outside the comic book store.

I HATE pigtails! Don't make me wear pigtails! They're UGLY! (No, I didn't put them in tight or torture her in any way - let's all just remember that our dear Mirabelle is quite the drama queen! They were so adorable for those 12 seconds I managed to have them in!)

What? Me? No, I wasn't speeding officer! That must have been some other cutie in a pink Cadillac Escalade.

Now that we've had our joyride, let's get to work!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Mira loves to swing. Our local park is wonderful, but it doesn't have a swingset. Swingsets (and even the kits that you build yourself) are very expensive, are too large, and have more stuff than we really want in our backyard.

Solution: build a small, simple swingset for the backyard. In the two hours it takes Mira to nap.
Cut the wood.

Bolt the pieces together.

One side done.

Completely assembled!

One happy little girl!

Now we know the project was worth it! And we feel like engineering geniuses!

This is the life!

Time to get off...happy little girl is now sad little girl.

Doesn't want to go inside. LOVES her new swing!

Back for more after a fresh coat of paint!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Weekend

This post is just a little overdue....ENJOY!

We had a great Easter weekend in Fairfield.

Got her Easter dress on to go see the Easter Bunny.

Had to take a few pics at home, too - such a pretty girl!

I just love this face - she's smelling the flower.

Our tulips bloomed in time for Easter - they're so beautiful! (Which grew more - the tulips or Mira??) It's been so fun watching them grow; we will definitely plant some more this Fall!

Our bunny friend must like what the birds drop from the feeder hanging above - he visits Mira's window often.

Hello, are you the Easter Bunny??

Mira's basket of goodies - a bunny, bubbles, suckers, stickers, a cheeping chick, sidewalk chalk, etc.

Checking out the loot with the cousins.

Kisses for Pappy.

Mira and Pappy

Our new Easter tradition - matching toes!! Look how much her little chunky feet have grown! One day, *sniff sniff* her feet won't fit *sniff sniff* on top of mine to take the pic like this,*sniff sniff*...and she'll want neon green or black polish...*sigh*.........if she'll even agree to have matching toes!!! *SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF*

Fell asleep during the 2 minute drive to the EGGstravaganza - almost missed the egg hunt! Isn't she precious!!??

Woke up just in time (still a little groggy)! "Where am I, and why am I holding this basket??"

Watching the others scurry around and pick up eggs. Hope she wakes up completely before all the eggs are gone!

After a friendly chap put some eggs in her basket for her, she decided she'd give it a go.

Look at all these people going crazy over plastic eggs....

Picking up two at a time - that's my girl! We're all about efficiency!

Mira and Aunt Coco

With a basket full of eggs to turn in for a prize and afterwards with her new bunny! She loved carrying her basket - what a big girl! She was so proud of her little bunny, too!

My beautiful nieces, Olivia & Avi

Balloons...of course, she wants to take the balloons. (Ugh!)

She LOVES bounce houses! Avi "helped" her bounce.

Driving Avi's Barbie Jeep - she really pushed the gas pedal and steered all by herself!

We're going on a walk.

Some of us RAN! She was just giddy about being out in the open and being able to run loose!

Stopped for a pony ride on the drive home. She's saying "CHEESE"! Notice she's holding the reins like a pro - too cute!