Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pilgrimage 2012

Jim, Sheila, Mira, and I joined the fun at the History Club's Annual Pilgrimage in Fairfield again this year. Nicole was the lead organizer this year and did a fantastic job! Mira and Avi strutted their stuff in the Style Show again (Mira chose her own outfit this year), and Olivia was the start of the melodrama, as usual.

Mira cracked us up and won the audience when she did a full curtsy at the end of the "catwalk" - totally un-rehearsed, un-prompted, un-cued!!! She is SUCH a ham!!!


Mira just finished up her first session of SoccerShots. She had a lot of fun despite an unruly 5 1/2 year old!

They played lots of skill-based games and learned about dribbling, shooting, controlling the ball, guarding, shielding, trapping, passing, and more!

On the last day, she received a medal!!

Trapping the ball


Playing a silly game - trap it with your tummy!


Touch your elbow to the ball!